Learning Centers for Children Network


There are currently more than 50 Children's Dyslexia Centers in 13 states. Each Dyslexia Center is administered by its own director, has its own staff, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Governors that is broadly representative of the community in which the Center is located.

All centers are subject to standard operational and clinical policies and procedures established by the Corporate Board of Directors. This centralization of policies and procedures ensures that the quality of our services remains high even as the number of our Centers grows.

The headquarters for Children's Dyslexia Centers, Inc. are located in Lexington, MA
33 Marrett Road
Lexington, MA 02421
Telephone: 877-861-0528


Professional Advisory Commitee

John Wm. McNaughton
Chairman and President,
32° Masonic Learning Centers for Children, Inc.

David C. Winters, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Affairs,
32° Masonic Learning Centers for Children, Inc.

William G.Ziemer
Director of Operations,
32° Masonic Learning Centers for Children, Inc.

Mary Farrell, Ph.D.
Interim Director, Department of Education,
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Jeffrey W. Gilger, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Discovery and Faculty Development
Purdue University

Marcia Henry, Ph.D.
Past President, International Dyslexia Foundation

Michael McCanna, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Learning Disabilities
Northwestern University

Phyllis Meisel
Director of Reading Disabilities Program,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Claire Nissenbaum
Founding Director of the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Educational Center
Rockbille, Maryland

Joyce Pickering, D. Hum.
Executive Director, Shelton School & Evaluation Center,
Dallas, Texas